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Looking for games!

Hey guys! I'm looking for a copy of Pokémon Yellow as well as Crystal.

I've been looking around ebay, but of course I trust you guys more. *paranoid* ^^;

Also, with crystal especially, I'm worried about the battery being dead. If you have a copy of Crystal with a dead battery I'd be willing to buy it, but I'm wary of people not knowing/mentioning this issue on ebay sales, and it'd really suck to pay $20 for something I have to fix myself.

Also looking for the trainer's manuals to um... well, all the Red, Blue, Yellow games. Especially Red, for the emotional value. I lost mine ages ago and I would just really love to have one again <3

I'm not sure if this comm is the right place for this, but I consider my Pokémon games the most treasured part of my collection! XD So I thought I'd give it a shot. I was going to post on pokemon, but I feel a lot safer about buying within this community. ^_^

Thanks so much, pacificpikachu and iammyworld! This comm rocks, I love you all ;3;
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