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Zukan auctions ending in twenty-four hours!

A notice--I will be ending the zukan auctions at Midnight Pacific Standard Time on August 19th. That is just under twenty-four hours from now. If you bid after that, it won't be counted, so be sure to have your ultimate bids locked in before then! Remember, the higher you bid the better chance we have of winning the auctions as a whole!

Here is the entry to bid or look over what's available: http://community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/1603113.html

The prices on the zukan lots we're bidding on aren't too bad right now, but I have a feeling they're going to climb as ending time creeps closer. I doubt the Japanese bidders are going to be merciful on us. There's no guarantee we're going to win these, but if everyone keeps bidding on the sets that interest them we might just make it! Let's try our best to make this happen, everyone!

I'll post a four-hour reminder as well.

Remember to only bid on these items if you will be able to pay for them through Paypal within two or three days of the auction ending. Just a heads-up before any difficulties come up.

Also, could someone with a high max bid on some deputy service or another volunteer to step in as a bidder in case my new deposit doesn't go through on time? It should go through without a problem, but I just want to be safe with so much at stake.

(Also, those who won the lottery items auctions and haven't paid yet, could you please do so either now or within the next day or two? The sooner the better, really. That would be girlunoriginal, ambertdd, and heenz. Thanks!)
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