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plush weeding sales ★

Major weeding in my plush collection -- I'm selling Japanese and American Pokedolls, talking Tomy plush and others!

★ I was granted sales permission on 8/8/2012 by allinia and my feedback is here. [Previous feedback]
The first person to commit to buying an item will have priority over others.
Payment is due within 24 hours of committing to a purchase. After this 24-hour period has passed, I will stop "holding" your item, and it will be "up for grabs" for others to buy. If you are committed to buy but need more time to pay, tell me!
★ My home is smoke-free and cat-friendly.
Haggling is fine, but please DON'T ask for a "shipped" price; the fees + postage are always underestimated in them.
★ I ship from the US to anywhere. I typically ship within 1-2 days of receiving payment.
★ Default shipping is USPS First Class. Postage starts at $1.68 for domestic and $6.55 for international. Delivery usually takes 3-5 days for domestic and 7-21 days for international, varying by country. (INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: Your postage will be expensive; with fees it usually adds $8-10+ to the base price. Please keep this in mind before asking for a quote.)

Japanese Pokedolls

Whimsicott Pokedoll $40 [SOLD/EBAY] — Marill Pokedoll $40 [no hangtag] — Togekiss Pokedoll $30 [detached tag] [SOLD]Blaziken Pokedoll $90 [no hangtag] [SOLD]

American Pokedolls

Charmander Pokedoll $18 [MWT] — Emboar Pokedoll $18 [detached tag] Ducklett Pokedoll $10 [MWT]

Tomy Talking Plush

Victini Talky $45 [has original box] — Emolga Talky $40 — Eevee Talky $45 [has original box]
Please note shipping will be higher for Victini + Eevee because of their boxes.

Misc. Plush

DX Vaporeon $25 [SOLD/EBAY] SonoKong Oshawott $10 [SOLD] Growlithe Canvas $45 [SOLD] — Pokemon Center Oshawott $10

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