Risa (risibee) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Cosplay, Collection Update and mini-sales

Had fun cosplaying, finally got around to sorting collection after moving house, and want to sell a few things.

I also am planning a move to Japan next year, so will be selling most of my collection by then. So if there is anything you really want make an offer now and you never know ;)

(Not my big tomy munchlax or gligar.. sorry)

Firstly my cosplays arrived:

Here I as am umbreon, with my pet piplup:

I am also working on a another cosplay for next week, if you cant guess who it is I fail at life!

I also saw this girl, how cool is this bellossum!

I have a few mini-sales here:

(sales permission was granted here but I cant see who or the day because it is screened )

Prices not including postage (sending from uk)
Giratina, Lugia, Dialga, Groudon or cyndaquil, slowpoke, plastic cup £3/$5 each
Giratina and co. candy tin (empty) £4/$7
Pokemon bus £5/$9
Everything else £2/$4 each

Had to round US prices up as my bank/paypal charge me to convert it back to £ to put in my bank or spend.

Ok and on to my collection, still a couple bits in storage but ta-da

Tags: bellossom, cyndaquil, giratina, lickilicky, lugia, piplup, sales, slowpoke, umbreon
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