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The Family Expands: Hypnos, Hades and Thanatos Arrive!

What an EPIC time for packages. I had.. too many arrive today. It was awesome, it IS awesome. A decent sized collection update, I think:

BOXES. SO MANY YAY. Wait.. what's that big one? A gathering formed on the bed as the biggest of the box slipped out.

The brothers stare down the newcomer, until opening up to the newest brother with open arms.

My baby boys. The brothers know they're not complete yet, that they're missing blood. They know that ARES is looming on the horizon, beginning his long flight to the southern lands.

All my giras, minus the Origin and Another zukans. (I forgot to grab them for the photoshoot)

THE OTHER BOX CONTENTS. Yay cards. Finally got the Dusknoir kids :D and Silver! BOXED, in Japanese.

A score I got on eBay was the hotto motto bonus stamp for origin forme. His stamp says "good luck", or better translated "try your best!" in Japanese.

New phone charm! I got three of these guys- one for my phone, one for my partner, one for display. He's replacing my Parukia, who is retired now after a more than a year of solid use, one arm re-glue and the fear his wings would finally come off.

I bought a new bag on the weekend (which is faboo) but it was also too good an opportunity to miss to peg my badges to it. Just missing the Coal Badge out of the Sinnoh set. The Ho-Oh and Lugia are the staff pins given out to retailers when GS was released.

Another haul that came through recently. Drapion Level X from the new guidebook, and the blister pack Parukia. I'm missing the Porygon-Z. Once I have that, I'm up to date on my promos for DP6JP. Gallade and Ditto kids from taycs. Also: GREEN VERSION. It is a lot of fun to be playing oldschool green again. My partner and I have also won red, blue and yellow in japanese- I have all of Gen I in Japanese now, and that makes me happy :>

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
The epic pulls from my first box of DP6JP. Next box is due tomorrow, I'm hoping for the shiny form cards!

Bloktina (aka Sparkles the Wondergira, thanks Cody XD;) is gorgeous. And this is where I have a request...

I'm looking for another MegaBlok set. The Giratina one. I want to perma-build the Origin Forme to have alongside the another forme. That and I haven't had such a fun challenge in a long time when it comes to building a model. If anyone spots one or have one in a lot or something and they'd be happy to sell him to me, i'd be very grateful. You can have the Pika, Regigigas and Skymin bloks, I just want the parts for Giratina. *Hopeful*

Any help would be fantastic <3

My partner and I also had an epic wins on eBay today:

GRAIL GETT-O. I have an Espeon purchased already, I was just missing these guys. I now have all eeveelutions in pokedoll form. I don't even solidly collect eeveelutions! I have always wanted their dolls though.



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