Emurii (emurii) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Christmas is August! :]

Hooray! I got five packages today!

First of all, the Regigigas pokedoll from rocketdraggin! BAWWWWW. He's _adorable,_ and so soft! ;A; And thanks for the extras♥ -- Kangaskhan, Abra and Cyndaquil cards, pokeball stickers and Hoenn rock-type stickers!

This brings my pokedoll collection to an epic four.


Secondly, the shuriken for MANMIN! If only Manmin would get here... :[; curse you, ectransfer! In any case, the Kung Fu Panda stickers will be coming off of them -- they're 3" in diameter and made of foam, so I think I should be able to sew them on alright. And he has spares, in case they get broken!

The third package was the Princess Tutu boxed set, which is not Pokemon and therefore not going to be pictured. XD;

But as for the fourth and fifth... I'll just say...

HYPNOCHAT LIVES!! (more information at hypnochat_ftw...)

also I -- not really that seriously but with faint hope -- vote for a Hypnochat tag. he is totally a pokemon.

Also, I have three auctions up on eBay right now (link) if people are interested.
Tags: regigigas, shaymin
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