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Bulba and Ivy shiny kids reminder + Poochyena collection!

First of all, just a reminder that my offers for Bulbasaur and Ivysaur shiny kids is going to finish on a day and they are still at their start price so don't lose your change and bid on them while you can! You can click on the photo or HERE to go to the post ^^


 And now we're going to talk about POOCHYENAS

'Are you talking about me, Pooch?'
My Poochyena on the game at level 61 is excited xD So let's go to my collection <3
Note: if you find something of Poochyena that I don't have (I only need the clear kids I think...), let me know, I could be interested on them :3

My bootleg/custom/thing arrived yesterday and I just wanted to show you my full collection. I started on this community a year ago and it's awesome to see all of this... (not only my Poochyena, all of my collection and I guess I could make a post with all my new babies...). Thank you to all the community for helping me with these, there are really awesome people over here :'>

First of all the figures (I missed the charms and the card >.< but I show them on my last post so it's fine...).
Pokedex, Pokeball keychain, Megablocks, Regular kids, Beanz, Zukan, Suction Cup and Advanced figure.


More kids, Chupa/Candy figure, Pokeball Strap, Booty TOMY (a.k.a. Pachiena) and the TOMY.


Bootleg plush, UFO plush and Hasbro plush.


Thanks for reading! ^^
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