Vulpecula (astralvulpes) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Sales Post!

All orders that have been paid for have been mailed! (With the exception to lone_pichu's - your e-check hasn't cleared yet. ^_^)

I had an exciting day today as far as mail goes, though nothing I had coming came from SMJ.

Below the cut is a sales post, and later I'll be posting the updates to my collection. ^_^ There are new items, as well as final discounts.


Brief sales policies, etc:

I may refuse the right to sell to anyone, but generally only for poor past experience or plain rudeness (we're all adults here! :D) Payment is due within 24 hours, or your items will go back up for sale. I accept paypal only, no e-checks please.

My shipping rates start at $2 for within the USA and $3 for outside the US - unfortunately, most of the items in this post will be more expensive than that because they are bulkier. ^_^; All items are shipped USPS first class without insurance (you may purchase insurance if you like, or sometimes on expensive items I will include it in the shipping cost) and are generally shipped within 1 week of payment being received.

You can make offers (no trades at this time, please), but I will not be willing to accept much lower than I am asking. ^_^; One thing I will trade for is a clear TOMY Skymin.


Misc Figures, Battrio - Jolteon Battrio - $4, all other Battrio - $3, Regiggas Tomy - $5, Piplup Tomy - $3, Pikachu Tomy - $2, Shaymin Tomy - $8, Pikachu Pencils - $2, Regice Pokedoll Metal Charm - $2.50, Registeel Pokedoll Metal Charm - $2.50



Rare Pokemon Centre Lucario Backpack - Has been GENTLY used, but is in great condition. I love this bag, but I think it'd be better suited to a true Lucario fan, instead of a passing one, like myself. It has a great amount of room, though is not a full-sized backpack. It's got multiple pockets and has adjustable straps. This is one sturdy and versatile bag! You can easily store a few pokedolls in it! - $27

Banpresto Lotto Whistles - Giratina - $3, Pikachu - $2


Friends Plush, Misc - Jolteon Friends Plush (FLAWLESS) - $25, Cleffable - $6, Hoppip - $4, Blissey - $4, Buizel Plush Keychain - $6


Reversible Pokeball Plush - Poliwag Friends Plush - $2, All other reversible plush - $2, LOVED Poliwag Reversible doll - FREE WITH ANY PURCHASE


Friends Plush - Mareep Reversible Pokeball Plush - $5, Horsea Friends Plush - $4, All others - $3


Magnetic Magazine Game I'm not quite sure how it works, but it's like a mini fold up chessboard. The pieces are magnetic, and one set is pokemon (including Shaymin), and the other side is some characters from what looks to be a magical girl series I've never heard of - $3
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