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Photostory of Flat Foam Skymin & pics of Shaymin Zukan

Apologies for the poor camera quality...

Tomin: Eh?! Why are you taking me away desu?

Tomin: Oh noes, I'm on the scales and you have a camera- you're gonna sell me on eBay! It's because I'm from Hong Kong- I'm not perfect for you blub*

Me: No I'm not gonna sell you- I've spent way too much on Skymins so I wanna make one, with your help.
Tomin: GULP...
Me: You're just a model for it, don't worry... (this is all you'll hear from Tomin for now...)

I bought a load of foam sheets so I was inspired to make something with them:

My dragon ornament is holding the head while the ears dry...Elvis isn't dead with a hairstyle like that!

Body, face, spiky back hair...

This is where I got the idea from- I was bored at work so I doodled (I realised when I got back that the petal was in the wrong place so re-drew it in red- doh!)

Waiting for the legs to dry- the custom clothespin I received from  snowshoe11really helped hold it up- it also gives you a good idea how tall it is (the clothespin is 6"). 

Here she is with mouth- she can stand all on her own- that's why the legs look a bit crappy as there are glued supports in there that if I cut I fear it would fall apart. I decided to have her with blue eyes and a pink petal just for variation of the "species"...
She's not completely flat! She even has a tail! 

Oh and here's some close-ups of the Shaymin Zukan (I decided to take these because the stock photos make it look poor when it looks alot better in real life so I hope these pictures give you guys a better impression of said Zukan)
PS: Raichu fans may also be interested in a butt-face Raichu auction (I won one today and with the free shipping it cost me $1.25 AU or £0.60!
Not 100% sure it's authentic but I know that this 10th anniversary figure is difficult to get hold of anyway...
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