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[Commission finished!!!//]

Ok first of all packages received!

One apology though;

The photostory that never was. I just didn't have time before the con ;-;
I'm sorry fernchu, I haven't thanked you before now, but thankyou so much for taking the time to get jakks shinx for me <3 she is so very cute and she looks so nice with my pride :D

Houndoom clip/charm. This is gorgeous, absolutely. I wore it on my zipper for a day, but I got so paranoid about it falling off! It's just stunning, enamelled, and the detail is amazing! The sticker was a freebie, so thankyou for that regen X3
The settei you can see in the background was practically a gift from happyjolteon. THANKYOU <3 <3 :D

And the Crescent fairy hit me with a customs charge, before delivering this gigantic beauty to me!

So pretty and big and shiny <3 Penn is kinda scared of it though c:

Yesterday marked a rather epic day, one which I was beginning to think I'd never see!

I finally finished raifreak's commission!

Siiidewaaayyys. whole thing is made with luxury fur, except for the bone/detailing which is polar fleece :o

the tail is about as long as the bag body itself, which was completely unintentional, because at first I thought it was too long! It is tapered by hand with strong polyester, and completely wired throughout, right to the triangle. Unfortunately because of the width, I couldn't double the wire at the end, which makes me sort of nervous but it's thick gauge wire anyway xD

Paw pads on forelegs are suede, and they have been sculpted with extra-strong upholstery thread (i.e. the fabric will break before the thread does XD) and they are pretty heavily stuffed! The bottom two paws, well I couldn't get the suede to work, so they are fully furred.

Each paw is made of four seperate pieces of fabric, giving a 'sculpted' look, and one entire leg is made of seven pieces. The claws were made by layering fabric and cutting out a shape. Ic ouldn't find any soft material to create 3D claws, and to be honest, I'm happier with these XD

And I'll use this opportunity to talk about the horns. Each horn was made from two pieces of polar fleece, and heavily stuffed with high quality polyfill. Infact, they retained the shape so well, that the horns can actually be moulded to curve, curl round or point straight upwards!
They do eventually settle back to the original position though n_n

Daylight shot for colour comparison.
I was going to do more of it on my back, but unfortunately, no one else was in to help me take photos >:
Thankyou for looking!

Lastly; regarding zukan!
Penanna is helping me out with these now, and we are more or less coming to the end of sorting sets. It will still be a little while longer before all the broken sets are repaired. As it is I'm running into problems; I can't actually find a way of getting the pegs out of the bases or the figures.
I'm going to try a little longer, and then I think I'm going to have to give up and just send them out with all the bits. I'm sorry, I tried >:

Anyhow, a few orders were filled with the complete zukan, and these were sent out today;
faiarrow, flag and tonko.
Let me know when you get them ^^

(and Gare, you already got yours 'cause I sent it ages ago xP)

Oh and, I have an announcement to make about commissions; Anyone who has been on a waiting list for them (if you still remember, you've been waiting for a very long time ^^;;) I've had to decide to close them for the forseeable future. I still owe one or two in exchange for favours/trades, but other than that, it's unlikely you'll see me make a backpack again unless you're willing to pay me the new charges. It's very stressful; I underestimated just how much, so I've decided to close them until I can find some more time!

I will still be talking regular plush commissions though (opening them after I've completed the other trades/bribes I've got going on :3).

(teenytinypreview d'aww)

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