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Fimo Chu!

I don't want to steal whitey594's thunder, but this isn't for sale so I figure it's okay n_n;

This is for yaoi_queen! I hope you like it! <33

Also, I can't take commissions right now, but if I'm not too busy in a couple of weeks I might be able to :3 They would probably be around $20 each, depending on the individual order. When school starts I'm going to have a bunch of extra expenses, so I'm wondering if I could get some feedback.

If I am able to take commissions, who would be interested, and for how many figures?

This would help me out a lot! You're not committing to buy anything (and I will repost when I'm taking commissions again), I'm just trying to get a loose idea to help me pseudo-budget. XD

Thanks so much!
Tags: custom, pikachu
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