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Lucario's Flail-Sales (and auctions)

Hi everyone! I have some deliciousness for you, in plenty of time for Christmas!

Oshawott is a fat chubby 14 inches tall and made by Tomy. He is sparkly clean and very cuddly. He has both his tush and hang tags, though rather than pierce his tail or ear again, we gently hooped his tag through the stitches that hold his bubbly collar in place. The majority of his body is smooth minky, especially his adorable flippy floppy tail. His shell and eyes are cottony but smooth fabric.
He is up for offers for one week, starting at $35 (what I paid).
 I will consider BIN offers of $50 or above

I expect shipping to be around $10 to outside Europe, so I will charge that.

Dreadful picture but you can see his size. I assure you he is WHITE. Not weird creamy colour.

Turtwig 1:1 Tomy Plush is.. HUGE! 20 inches nose to tail and 12" tall without counting his leaves.
He is from a Japan Pokemon Centre and has been professionally cleaned. He has some gentle cuddle-wear on his "stalk" and on the soles of of his feet. He has his tush tag and no dirt or marks.
He is made from a soft fur fabric that Tomy used for many of their plush, it is longer than velboa or minky, and has a stroke-able quality to it. His leaves are cottony fabric, and his eyes are embroidered, but everything is else is soft soft soft (I'm nearly talking myself back into keeping him).
Turtwig is up for offers for one week, he starts at $100
I will consider BIN offers of $150 upwards.

I expect his shipping to be around $20 to outside Europe, so I'll charge that and refund if it is less.

From the huge to the very very tiny, I am also auctioning my Blaziken Keshipoke and Blaziken Bath Figure:
They start at $10 each, the bath figure is in excellent condition, the keshipoke has a small chip on his eyebrow.

Sales Rules and TIMER
- My Mum and I ship from the UK, from a pet and smoke free home. Some items are second hand, but we do our best to clean everything.
- Please reply to your own comment to add or remove items. Please don't edit. :)
- No Haggling
. Quotes for a lower postage combo are fine.
- Sales permission granted in June 2011 by Dakajojo
- My feedback is here and here
- Quotes do not count as "holds". If you 100% want to buy something regardless of the postage cost, please say so in your comment!

- Take Payment Plans but I require 50% within 24hrs of auction/sale finalising.

Auction timer:
Auctions end 7PM GMT (UK Time) on Saturday the 16th of November

(Picture by aceattorneygirl)

Mewtwo lot - $25 shipped anywhere - ranges from mint to slightly used (see pic)
Includes TCG Bottlecap, one clear kid, one rare poseable kid, attack kids and clear FCS

Dewott Jakks - $10 shipped - Mint and official (from my shelf) but Tag loop is separate.

Raikou Zukan - $15 shipped - light shelf use

Zor-line Zukan - $10 Shipped - used/sold as seen
Correct base as far as I know.

Reshiram start-up kit - $25 shipped - All mint
Includes Zukan, Clipping figure, soft figure, Tomy, gachapon eraser in Masterball

DX I Love Pikachu Plush MWT - $35 shipped
Yours will have an attached tag.

Scenic Zukan - $10 shipped

Stamps - Back row $10 shipped for all 4
Front row - $10 shipped for all 4

Or both sets for $15

Big Groudon Action Figure - $15 shipped in box
- Small crack on claw, otherwise great

I repaired this claw and it's strong as ever. This figure is pretty delicate, it would be $12 in a bubble mailer instead but I would take NO responsibility for the state of its arrival if you do not pick a box.

Entei Lot - $18 shipped
Includes Movie Zukan, Retsuden Stamp and expanding DS stylus

And a preview of my upcoming auction for later in the month:
Yes! My fire bowl will be going under the hammer, featuring Ninetails, Arcanine, Charizard, Moltres and many lovely pokes.
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