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Got this todaaaay. As you can see there is an important figure missing...!!
Anyway yes, I don't have the room for these, really seriously need them gone, so it's all up for grabs :0 yes, even the diorama base! ...

All of these are ordinary TOMY MC figures, except for the another forme Giratina which is in 'attack pose' apparently.

Piplup - $5
Giratina Origin forme - $8
Pikachu  - (please take him x_x) $3
Regigigigigig.. - $7
Shaymin (I may keep if doesn't sell) - $10
Giratina 'Attack pose' special  - $10
Magnezone - $7

Diorama base - $6 

If these don't sell in the next two days (with the exception of shaymin landy) I'll consider lower offers. Thanks guys :3

Other than that, Zukan Update;
Packages ready: rinkatink, icy_bouquet, burntheashes0, teenbulma
Status: Trying to fix and sort out the order crossovers in each lot. Please bear with ;3
Tags: giratina, magnezone, pikachu, piplup, regigigas, sales, shaymin
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