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So I have received several packages since my last update. :]


Funnel Cake: What was in this package? I've lost track of what is what.

Malaria: Oooh, stuff for me!
Funnel Cake: I'm leaving then.

Funnel Cake: Wait a second. I'm on here too!

Funnel Cake: Amber, you know this side looks nicer.
Amber: It does. ;A;

Malaria: Can I please have this on my side? :[ Funnel Cake has so many friends but I don't have that many...

Amber: How do I display all this stuff...
Malaria: You could put the bowl on my side. :]
Funnel Cake: >:[

Amber: This a good compromise?
Funnel Cake: I'd rather have the bowl AND you already agreed that my side of it looks better.
Amber: That's nice. Now how should we arrange the bowl?

Malaria: Yaaaaaay. ^_^ Are you going to let my new friend out of the box?
Amber: Um... I don't know.


Superglue is my friend ~<3333



Got some pokemon things for my birthday. ^_^

Malaria: Aww... He's flat... How come you never seem to get any friends for me? :[ I only have three friends while Funnel Cake has six...

Funnel Cake: Amber... What are you doing here?
The Plague: There's a lack of rats.
Malaria: Ooooh, there are people in there! And someone's talking!

My DS is still a little plain compared to some of the other ones I've seen. XD


Today I convinced my mom to take us to Seattle to go to the waterfront. (Aquarium, Pike Place Market, etc) Which meant that on the way back would be Uwajimaya. >8D When I got inside I was very surprised to see that they had a couple of older sets. As soon as I grabbed one to look at the back and see what else was in the set, I saw a Giratina kid. I grabbed it, fully intending to sell it to the comm. then asked if there were any more in boxes. The guy found another box with a couple Giratina in it, but I only grabbed one. I got a couple other kids, but they're not important. XD
When I got home, my Sunyshore package was in the mailbox too. ^_^ I had been feeling too sick to do my normal photostory (I can't eat shrimp anymore ;A;), so I just ripped the package open instead.

Then I set to work opening the kids boxes to check for any clears on the off chance that I pulled one. I opened one of the Giratina. It came out clear. I spazzed out in the chat talking about how I had just pulled my first clear kid EVER and it was a Giratina of all kids. 8D Then I opened the second Giratina kid. Also CLEAR. 8D After mentioning it in the chat I was quickly IMed privately with an offer and accepted it. ^_^

But really. TWO clear kids 8'D What were the chances?

Anyways I felt better later after drawing two clear kids and did a photostory. Then I found out something had gone wrong with the memory card in the camera and not a single photo I had taken all day was saved. :[ So I just retook this about five minutes ago.

Cheesestick: Um... Were are we?
Movie Kid: A doorway?
Special Kid: Should we go in?
Dusknoir: I guess so...

Cheesestick: He looks like a nice man. :D
Kids: ;A;

Funnel Cake: THERE you guys are. What took so long? Anyways, small ghost thing, come with me. You three? Stay here.
Dusknoir: Okay...

Funnel Cake: Here. Go there.
Dusknoir: :>

Funnel Cake: Okay, come with me, I'll show you where we stay.
Cheesestick: We?

Malaria: NEW FRIEND!!! 8DDDD
Movie Kid: Eh? O.O;;;

Special Kid: Funnel Cake? Is there something wrong with me? Amber acted weird when she opened my box. *completely unaware of normal kid nearby*
Funnel Cake: No, you're just special. Amber wasn't expecting a clear when she opened the box.

Special Kid: *feels special*

Everything I got today plus the other clear kid~



My last birthday gift from my parents arrived in the mail today. ^_^

Funnel Cake: Okay kid, I forgot what this was supposed to be...
Cheesestick: Ooooh.

Funnel Cake: DAMNIT. I recognize that thing.
Cheesestick: *very confused*

Cholera: What was that all about?
Funnel Cake: God. He's not going to shut up about this...
Cheesestick: *still confused*

Malaria: !!!!!
Funnel Cake: Ugh...
Cholera: You are very strange... o.o;;;;
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