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PACKAGES and auto insurance

Today I finally moved back into Uni and a plethora of packages met my eyes o.o I also have a little picture story that yaoi_queen and I talked about ;) beware, VERY image heavy, but well worth it XD

pack1.jpg picture by Twilmer


pack2.jpg picture by Twilmer

Ho-oh: Me again? Oh I'm so spoiled ;; look at this handsome portrait, it captures my astounding beauty perfectly.

pack3.jpg picture by Twilmer

Mini Ho-oh was scared when he saw huge Ho-oh looming at him, however his little sacred fire wasn't very effective. YAY another Ho-oh for my collection <3

*takes a mini-break to show off her collection*

ho-ohs.jpg picture by Twilmer

I suppose the first thing in this collection is obviously my gold version game. My mom got me both Silver and Gold on our Disney World trip to keep me distracted in the car, Silver on the way there and Gold on the way back. I admit that I got more into Silver and was a bigger Lugia fan back then, but now I'd choose Ho-oh anyday XD Next would be the cracker-jack orange Ho-oh spinner. It came in a box of Cracker Jack waaaay back when GS was first released. I got the card next in an issue of Nintendo Power. Then while I was at Disney World with the band, they were selling pokedolls! Ho-oh was the first one I bought because Ho-oh was just too adorable <3 Next is the TFG figure from Usaki on DA. This figure made me absolutely fall in love with Ho-oh even though he'd always been one of my favorite legendaries. The keychain and battling figure I got on here. Also wonderful art of Ho-oh from the people I bought from <3

pack4.jpg picture by Twilmer

Weeeeavile Zukan <3 my first Zukan. Man they're tinier than I expected, but I love them so <3

pack5.jpg picture by Twilmer

Electric pokedex book. I just had to get this <3 my favorite type (aside from ice types <3)

pack6.jpg picture by Twilmer

Adorable Shaymin keychain I just HAD to get because it's too adorable >3<

pack7.jpg picture by Twilmer

ASDFSDFSAFSFADTSA I love this Pichu SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! It's too cute and it's much bigger than I expected. I can't wait to get batteries for him so I can see what he does. I'm in love with this <3 I've rediscovered my love for Pichu

pichus.jpg picture by Twilmer

Pichu collection! Sleepy plush from Badger, then my new Pichu I just got, tomy Pichu and Pichu kid. Also an attack card as a freebie in an upcoming pack <3 I also have a Pichu beanie I got at Wal-mart that's AWOL here XD

pack8.jpg picture by Twilmer

Nincada Zukan!!!! I really like this Zukan <3so tiny and cute, especially Nincada here.

pack9.jpg picture by Twilmer

Okage Shadow King!!!! Not all the packs were Pokemon related ;)

pack10.jpg picture by Twilmer

Cresselia Chou Get (I love chou get very much <3) and oodles of freebies, which excite me so much <3 battle cards! I want to know what attack Zigzagoon is using to own Pichu ;3; poor Pichu. Pikachu magnet, which is now hanging on my board along with the stickers and buyer card. Regen, you rock my socks off <3 <3 <3

pack11.jpg picture by Twilmer

Now what can this be?

pack12.jpg picture by Twilmer

Shaymee: A FRIEND :D

pack13.jpg picture by Twilmer

Angry Squirrelmin: Grrr, I'm ANGREH
Shaymee: D: why?
You'll soon see ;D

pack14.jpg picture by Twilmer

Cresselia Zukan <3 <3 <3 This one is decent sized and beautiful <3 I love!

pack15.jpg picture by Twilmer

This came with Cresselia. I don't want it. Anyone want to trade for this?

pack16.jpg picture by Twilmer

Behold all of the goodies that were waiting for me :3 minus Ho-oh pokedoll, he just wanted to be in this shot because he'd vain. Angry Squirrelmin escaped from this photo to check the interwebs...

The Tale of Angry Squirrelmin

ASM1.jpg picture by Twilmer


ASM2.jpg picture by Twilmer

Pichu: Why are you so angry?

ASM3.jpg picture by Twilmer

ASM: Well, I got into a collission with a Pidgeot in the sky. I went to my insurance provider, allstate, to get coverage and...

ASM6.jpg picture by Twilmer


ASM4.jpg picture by Twilmer

Pichu: Looks like it's up to me to turn this Angry Squirrelmin into a happy Squirrelmin!

ASM5.jpg picture by Twilmer

Pichu: The same thing happened to me once, I got into a bad accident with a Zigzagoon. Well, I just went to my insurance provider, Geico, and...
ASM: I'm listening.

ASM7.jpg picture by Twilmer

Pichu: Cha CHING! It was so easy, a Kabutops could do it!

ASM8.jpg picture by Twilmer

ASM: ...

ASM9.jpg picture by Twilmer

Looks like Angrey Squirrelmin has learned the importance of battle insurance ;D
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