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Hey y'all. It's been a while, BUT I come bearing good news.

Remember that giant lot of figures I posted about a bajillion years ago? Well, they all came in and almost two months ago at that. But since my sales post has already been discovered, I figure I might as well make a public announcement. x3


TONS of Full Color Stadium and Battle Museum figures, as well as a bunch of other miscellaneous stuff. There was also a bunch of Eeveelution stuff (and a few other rares), and since they're so popular, I figure it's only right to auction them all off.

All Auctions will end on Monday, the 25th, at 6:00 pm EST.
Please bid in increments of no less than $1.00.

Bidding is now closed!

Turns out it was the music-playing Vaporeon keychain. I'm not sure what she's supposed to play, but she does play a short, simple melody. Like new condition, with no marks or scratches.

Bidding starts @ $10.00
HB: iridescentfox @ $15

These guys are also in like new condition with no flaws that I could see. Though I'm pretty sure that jumping Jolty also came with a clear thunderbolt piece, but I couldn't find any place to attach it, so I dunno. Can anyone clarify this?

Bidding starts at $5.00 each.

[Battle Museum] Umbreon HB: _nofuturenohope @ $14
[Battle Museum] Flareon HB: kiraras_lemon @ $5
[Full Color Stadium] Jumping Flareon HB: kiraras_lemon @ $6
[Full Color Stadium] Vapreon HB: kefanii @ $11
[Full Color Stadium] Clear Jolteon HB: happyjolteon @ $25
[Full Color Stadium] Jumping Jolteon: happyjolteon @ $10

And the last ones. All are like new with no flaws. I also have a second Ditto-sparce that's brand new in the packaging, but I only have the stock image of him since I'm selling the rest of the set as well. But if you'd like a picture, just ask! :3

Biding starts at $3.00 each.

[Full Color Stadium] Clear Dragonite HB: N/A
[Full Color Stadium] Dragonite (using Dragonbreath) HB: chibisilverwing @ $5
[Full Color Stadium] Clear Dragonair HB: caterpie @ $3
[Battle Museum] Ditto-sparce (opened) HB: warandromance @ $3
[Battle Museum] Diito-sparce (NIP) HB: meowthcollector @ $5
[Full Color Stadium] Clefairy!Ditto HB: warandromance @ $8.50

Though please wait to post until I can get the bidding posts up, so things don't get confusing. Open now~! And if I suddenly disappear, blame Tropical Storm Fay. x3

And soon, I shall post collection updates, I promise. D:
Tags: ditto, dragonair, dragonite, figures, flareon, jolteon, sales, umbreon, vaporeon
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