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Shaymin custom plush auction

Yep, I'm auctioning off they shaymin plush I made a little while back. click to see the info
Soft and sweet Shaymin by *G-manluver on deviantART
So not to repeat the same info over again, click on my deviantart submission for any info you wanna know about the plush (ya know size, material, time taken to make etc...)

Auction info:
-Auction is in funds type USD
-The Auction will end on September 1st, winner will be contacted at that time (make sure you allow pming on LJ for that).
-Paypal highly prefered.
-Winner has 1 week to pay with paypal after auction ends. other forms of payment (e-checks, money orders and conceiled cash) are also acceptable in some circomstances, ask me for details if you need to pay in those methods.
- Shipping fees will vary by country to country. For the US its $6, to Canada $8, for any other country simply ask for pricing.
-Bidding goes by every 50 cents (like you can bid 0.50, 1.00, 1.50, 2.00, etc...)
-bids are to be made on this post, please do not send PMs or e-mails with your bids since it will get confusing.
-Trades: I'm willing to trade this plush in exchange for another I need for my collection. Either the Lickilicky Pokedoll or UFO plush. I may also trade for lickitung/lickilicky stuff of equal value or near equal value (so at least valued at $10 dollars). Once the trade is confirmed it will count towards "buy it now". However, as a precaution I will only send out my end once I receive yours (since this plush IS one of kind, don't want to have to remake it if I get screwed :x).

Starting bid is $10.
Buy it now price is $25.

PS: hope this isn't too much ;3;, this is the first time selling a home made plush.

SOLD to a user on deviantart, lol, that was fast :3
Tags: custom, shaymin
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