thebeardofzeus (thebeardofzeus) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokemon Kids Collection Update

Thanks to the great people of this community, I was able to catch them all! When I say that, I mean that I was able to collect all 151 original Pokemon from Bandai's 1996-1998 Kids collection. That series had specific poses and paint colors that differed from later releases. While I was able to collect them all with the original poses, there were 7 figures that I realized were not the original paint colors after doing a little research. With that being said, I'm looking for the help of this community's sellers to find these 7 original paint colors for the following figures:

Pokemon Needs

The pictures on the left highlighted in red are the pain colors that I am looking for, the paint colors on the right are the ones I'm looking to replace. Some of the differences are subtle but ff you are selling any of these, feel free to contact me and ask for specifics on the coloring.

Tags: butterfree, ditto, electrode, jolteon, kids, meowth, omastar, rapidash
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