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Bell Keychain Group Auction - SUCCESS

We won the lot! =D

The following are the winning bids of the individual keychain auctions:

Raichu - $15 by devi_white
Wartortle - $5 by bonjovis
Flareon - $10 by firebomb
Mewtwo - $5 by ann_chovi
Charmander - $5 by firebomb
Croconaw - $5 by badgerr_ftw
Ariados - $4 by resilientspider
Dragonite - $5 by iammyworld
Marill - $10 by crimson_angel02
Psyduck - $5 by firebomb
Pikachu 4 - $4 by yaoi_queen
Venonat - $4 by randomflavor
Elekid - $5 by resilientspider
Totodile - $6 by anuvia
Cyndaquil - $6 by rinkatink
Pichu - $5 by lonepichu

Those who've claimed keychains beforehand will be privately contacted!

The remaining unbid/unclaimed keychains will be sold in a sales post once I get the lot in, and in the meantime, I'll accept payment from winning bidders as soon as the invoice arrives. If you've won, please tell me whether you're inside or outside of the US so I can properly calculate totals!

Thank you for helping us to win this! :D
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