Paula (agui_chan) wrote in pkmncollectors,

About retsuden stamps

Hello comm!

A few days ago I saw an auction on yahoo!Japan with a lot of retsuden stamps and there was a Poochyena retsuden stamp on there! I didn't know there was any... Is there any website with ALL the retsuden stamps? And how much would it be worthy?

I want a Poochyena retsuden stamp but I don't have any idea about his price, could someone tell me around how much or sell it to me? Please ;3; Maybe someone from this community bought the lot and he/she doesn't want Poochy... Also I didn't find any photo of it on internet I only know it thanks to the lot...

And, if someone would have also the Poochyena metal tag I'd like to get it too or even clear kids :3 Btw, it would be shipped to Spain!

I'd prefer to make a trade with anything on my sales post or even to make an ART COMISSION (I'm still open to make anything!!). If not, just let me know your price!

Also, I guess this week I should get the Pokemon Time Clearfile GB and a lot from Japan with some kyun charas (Charizard, Eevee... lot) and Eeveelutions UFOs plushies so if you'd be interested on anything... ;)

Thank you very much!
Tags: poochyena, stamps
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