blackberry_kiwi (blackberry_kiwi) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Wants: Zukan 1/40 Growlithe & Arcanine♥

So.. there's this figure that I really want, I can't stop staring at it and MUST have it!! @_@  It is the Zukan 1/40 scale of Arcanine & Growlithe, which are both my favorite Pokemon!  I just want the Arcanine figure right now but I'd also be interested in purchasing the Growlithe that also comes with it too.  Does anyone in the community know of anyone that is selling one at this time or has one that they'd like to sell to me?  I live at zip code 22150 so let me know the shipping and handling fee from your area to mine if you are looking to sell one.  Thanks for reading!♥ ^3^
Tags: arcanine, growlithe, zukan
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