Because ponies... (yaoi_queen) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Because ponies...

Massive collection Update

I got my final Pikachu plush in the mail yesterday, which means my massive update is finally due. Not only am I doing my Pikachu collection, but practically everything else. If anyone can guess how many plush I have, you will get a cookie. =P It's a bit tough, considering some are hard to see. Good luck!


This is my most recent plush! It's so effing cute~! <333 I'd like to thank sakura_18 for thinking of me and resisting the urge to bid when she saw this. Thanks again! You are beyond sweet! :3

Members I'd like to thank for recent plush purchases: lonepichu, gc_chicken, kefanii, lineaalba

Thanks guys! <3 If I missed anybody, I apologize. Let me know and I'll thank you properly.

Pikachu Figures/Misc.:

Groudon Figures/Misc.:

I'd like to thank warandromance for adding to this and the Pikachu figure collection recently. Thank you!!! ^__^ Can't wait to meet up with you again someday. :3


I'd like to thank pheonixxfoxx for the awesome Typhlosion zukan! <3 I love it to bits!


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