Leanne (pandaeatworld) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pandas' Permanent wants post!

I've made a huge bunch of pictures of the exact cards I'm specifically looking for and have numbered them to make it much easier for everyone (particularly me because I forget all the different sets!)

This list isn't fully inclusive yet, I still have more to add. I'm also pretty sure I just plain skipped a number somewhere... haha. So if you have others up for sale then please link me to your post.

I'm ideally looking for English cards only, though I know some of these are in Japanese only and that's fine too! Holo, reverse-holo and non-holo are also all fine!

As much as I wish I could, I can't afford the whole list right now so please don't be upset if you offer me a bunch and I pick and choose :) Shipping would be to Ireland so please keep that in mind. I'm also after a TCG binder but shipping on those seems to be insane. Hopefully some of you might have some of these laying about and be willing to part with them! Thanks for your time :)


cards 2

cards 3

cards 4

cards 5

cards 6

cards 7

cards 8

cards 9

cards 10

cards 11

cards 12

cards 13

cards 14

cards 15

cards 16

cards 17

cards 18

cards 19

cards 20

cards 21

cards 22

cards 24

cards 25

cards 26

cards 27

cards 28

cards 29

cards 30

I'm also after the following plush:

Pictures found online, if they're yours and you want them removed let me know :)

Dragonite Pokedoll - Must have all tags

Dragonite Kawaii UFO

I've also seen images for the Dragonite keychains, large and small, so those too :)

Dratini Friends Plush

I <3 Eevee DX Plush - All except Leafeon and Glaceon

I <3 Eevee Banpresto UFO - All but Leafeon and Jolteon

All Eeveelution Canvas except Leafeon

Also always be interested in other Canvas plush and any/all Pokedolls :)

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