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AUCTION: Reverse World Emporium

With a new DP6破空の激闘 box arriving today, I have a small goldmine to offer. These three are the creme of the crop that I don't require for my collection due to acquiring them last box. Any extra doubles or spares will soon be posted in my store, hopefully later tonight if I'm not too wiped out.

Pricing and Payment
All prices are in US dollars. Minimum shipping cost is $2.50 around the world. Winners of this auction can also combine purchases from my store with their auction winnings.

Auction Conditions
This auction is running until the 28th of August, and will finish at 21:00 Australian EST. All bids should be increased in $1 increments.

The Items
N/B: All cards were handled as little as possible, and went straight from pack to sleeve with the utmost care. Photos were chosen over scans as they show off just how beautiful the holos are on them. All cards are 1st Edition.

Charmeleon - リザード

Bids Start at $10
Current Highest:

Charizard - リザードン

Bids Start at $10
Current Highest: _nofuturenohope @ $10
I am open to a set BIN price. PM me with an offer!

Shaymin - シェイミ

Bids Start at $10 - Comes with bonus regular holo Shaymin!
Current Highest: lineaalba @ $15!
I am open to a set BIN price. PM me with an offer!


Tags: charizard, charmeleon, sales, shaymin
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