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Here's my little collection I'd like to share. Contains all my little Pokemon nic-nacs and whatnots. Everything except Brock and my Pokedex, which I forgot to take pictures of.

All Tomy except for Weavile and the Pikachu. Weavile is a Jakks, Pikachu from a Topps lollipop surprise thingy. The two Flareons are different. One is a Tomy from Japan, the other a Tomy from America (it came with the Eevee)

The only Kids I own. The Nidorans were birthday gifts, Joy I've had for the longest time.

I have no idea what these things are called.

Capsule Ash from the 2nd movie set and a Topps Charmander lollipop stand.

These Pokeballs came with some of the Japan Tomy figures. The Weavile marble came with...well...Weavile!

These are wall stickers used for decorating your room. I forget how many came in a pack but I had to split them with three sisters. What you see here is what I own.

Stickers from Topps lollipops.

Now what could be hiding in this binder....

...and this is just a taste! Okay, the second last page with the Charizard, Ekans etc, those are not cards, they are soup labels from Heinz Pokemon pasta. You remember the pasta, don't you? Well the cans if you peeled the labels off carefully, you were rewarded with a random Pokemon image. Cool huh? Oh and the last page at the bottom, the first two rows with the shiny cards. They are not legit, but the Images are kinda funky. My favorite is the Ekans/Arbok one. On the back of these there is a different set of Pokemon (the Ekans/Arbok feature Koffing/Weezing while the Tentacool features Tauros)

And here is the Misc of my collection:

Last but not least: a full deck of playing cards. I know these are not legit, but I like the images on the cards. Also, I get a great use out of them.

That is it! I'm sorry if this was a long entry, and I apologise. Any questions, comments? I'd really like to hear from you!! Thanks so much for viewing, and have a nice day :)
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