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Collection Update & Wants

As I mentioned in my recent wants post, I meant to post my collection a long time ago, but I just kept buying more and more stuff here, that it just kept expanding! I figured I might as well just post what I have for now, so what you'll see is actually stuff that I mostly bought from this community from the last few months.

I only included a small portion of my original collection because most of it (as in 5 boxes of it) is still packed away in the garage, and I just don't have the time to open them. Not to mention, I have 40+ other boxes of books that are mixed in, so I have no idea where they are. :P But without further ado, here's what I have to show for now!

P.S. Since I've bought from so many of you, I can't really thank you all individually, but if I bought from you, and you're reading this post, I wanted to say thank you for helping me expand my collection! And thank you to the community for sparking my interest in Pokemon again! ^^

PC 1
The top shelf consists of most of my favorites: Umbreon, Entei, Haunter, Growlithe/Arcanine, and a few others including my Banpresto Totodile hanging at the top.
PC 2
Mostly figures on this shelf and my remaining Pokedolls. I'm very tempted to start a Lugia collection because it looks good with the Latis and Lugia has always been a favorite of mine, but there's so much merch that it's scary! All of the stuff on this shelf was bought from this community except for the Snivy in the back.
PC 3
All of these plush and the board game are part of my original collection that I started in the late 90s/early 2000s. I didn't really get into the 3rd generation, but I still bought any Pokemon merch that I could find, so the Torchic and Treecko still have their packages. I'm not really attached to anything on this shelf, but my dad thinks they're cool which I think is neat. :)
PC 4
I'm pretty proud of this Umbreon collection, but it makes me realize how little I have of my other favorites.
PC 5
My small Haunter collection. I wish Haunter had more merch especially plushes. TT_TT
PC 6
Here are my dog figures. Growlithe Canvas enjoys sitting on top of the Umbreon though.
PC 7
I'm pretty happy with my Entei collection even though it's still small, but it's my second largest collection next to my Umbreons. I'd like a few more plushes though, especially if there's any where Entei shows his teeth. : D
PC 8
My little Braviary section.
PC 9
As small as my Latias/Latios collection is, I still love it. I just wish I had more Latias. ;-;
PC 10
The little electric type mini models and Moltres Tomy.
PC 22
A shot of some cool dragons and legends and other mini models.
PC 23
Plusle, Totodile, and Lucario. And yes, Totodile is helping little Lucario to stand up. And to be honest, I hate the color green, but Snivy is super cool, so I'd make an exception for it.
PC 24
Another shot of my other mini models and canine kids.
PC 25
And the rest of my mini models. I don't plan on keeping most of them.

Thank you for reading! ^_^

And please check out my wants here!
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