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I've done a massive update of my collection in the past few months. So, without much else to say, I present my Shelf O' Pokemon, including my massive Wooper/Quagsire swarm.


My slowly growing side collection of Snorunt/Glalie/Froslass and Bidoof/Bibarel. I still have a LOT of stuff to get for them.


Just a picture of some zukan I collect, along with my small Gardevior section. I'm not overly big on collecting her, but I pick up a few items here and there.


The Scorpion family! My second biggest collection thus far.


The Quagsire family. I'm not even gonna try to name all of the different types of plushie here, but there is a bootleg among them (properly named Flapjack). My custom shiny kid, Tomy figure, and Quagsire bouncy ball are near the front.


HOKAY. From left to right we have: (inside pokeball) pokemon friends Wooper, reversible pokeball Wooper, beanie Wooper, USA box Wooper, Pokedoll Wooper. In the back row is the Banpresto Wooper plushies, which I accidentally have two of.

I couldn't get them in my first picture, but here's a shot of my Wooper stamper, random Wooper keychain, and TOMY figure. The book in back is where all my cards are stored, and some of my gift sketches are kept.

Teh Box

The prison box, where I store most of my kids and all the small toys in my collection.

DX Pillows

YAY! My collection of DX Pillows is complete. Quagsire took me forever to find.

The Whole Thing

The entire collection thus far. I'm seriously running out of shelf space. :p
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