Because ponies... (yaoi_queen) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Because ponies...

Reminders and a few things for sale

I didn't have time to post this stuff yesterday cuz I had to race to work.


These pokedolls arrived in the mail last week. Magby is still up for grabs! I'm auctioning the little guy off because so many of you expressed interest. :) Please bid in increments of no less than $1. Both plush lack tush tags. They are perfect, otherwise. Very soft with no imperfections. ^^ Auction ends 8/26/08 at 10PM PST

AUC: $10
BIN: $25

you owe me money for Chatot! :) After shipping and PP fees, your total is $15. If that's okay, please send payment to yaoiloverhotmail AT Thanks! ^_^

Also, I recently got this pin set in the mail from kefanii (if I'm remembering correctly ^^;;)! Thank you~! :3 I only want Pikachu, so the Pichu bros are up for grabs. ^^ They are commemorative pins for the 3rd movie Pikachu short.
Buy 1 for $3 or both for $5. :) SOLD

The cute patch was a free gift from the seller who sold me the sleeping Pika plush. :3~
Tags: chatot, magby, pichu, pikachu, sales
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