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Some gets + 2 Shiny on Y + Updated sales

My last post only dates back to ten days, but I've already found two new FS Shiny Pokémon ^^
Unfortunately none has his hidden ability. But I love them anyway :3
Ninetales is nicknamed Lido because of its tails that remind me the dancers outfits of this famous Parisian cabaret.

So now the gets !

¤ from Noppin

BW3 Kimewaza Kids
I bought a Box so I have some doubles available on my sales post o/

Movie 16 clear and pearly Kids
Nice :3 I especially like the pearly render.

Scramble U NFC figures - set 1
In the end the last one I acquired (although I still miss Shiny Pikachu :/).
I wasn't planning to keep them all. But as you can see I succumbed x)

I Love Marine - set 2
As cute and soft as the first set ^^
I really like Shellos face <3

Pikachu and Pichu Lottery prize
Cute facial expression :3 By cons I'm not really convinced by the material :/

Straps Lottery prizes
Even though they are not yet on my sales post, I'm selling Victini, 2013 Pikachu and Red Genesect. So tell me if you are interested o/

Bath towel Lottery prize
Very nice ! I was not planning to buy it at first. But I want to build a shelf for my Pikachu line plushies and I thought protecting them with a blanket/towel. I do not regret at all my purchase. The design and size correspond very well to what I needed :) (I just have to build the shelf now lol)

¤ from Sunyshore

It's Christmas time !
So cute <3
Froakie is my favorite starter but that Chespin is my favorite here ^^

Thank you for reading :3

You can find more pictures on my website

And take a look at my updated sales o/
(XY and BW3 Kimewaza Kids)
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