Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

meet ears.

this is ears. ears was my first ever shinx i caught in diamond 2 years ago. she became my first luxray ever! here she is ... in pillow form (at least in my eyes!)

this is her son fred w.! he's a bit less friendly, also knows fire and ice fang ^^;

he loves his mommy tho!!!

oh - did you know these pillows are gigantic???

and i do mean gigantic!!!

the artist yumi yutaka wanted to try to make large plush to sell on DA, and fred was a prototype (test subject) for the large pattern. ears is a "finished product" made of a very soft fabric. i think they turned out wonderfully and i love them to death!!! i know she will plan to make more (of all kinds of pokemon!) for sale later on, so keep an eye on her DA if you might want one... :)

this ends the march of custom plush in america. i had four different artists hold plushies ordered over the months to send to me here in PA to take back to japan in my suitcase (and save roughly 100$ shipping). now the question is - was that the dumbest idea ever? will they fit? we shall see i guess XD; suitcase packing photos to come on sunday XD aha;;;;
Tags: custom, elekid, luxray, plush
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