Nebula of Wonders... (latiro) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Nebula of Wonders...

Zukans! (UPDATE: all taken)

ok since the only Zukan set I'm keeping was the Piplup set, I'm thinking about selling some other Zukan figures that I didn't need. Here's the list:

1. Shinx set - $20 (claimed by linealba)
2. Magmar set - $6 (claimed by sora_no_kokoro)
3. Drifloon set -$12 (claimed by ladylegsdarkrai; payment recieved through Paypal)
4. Mirage Pokemon set - $8 (claimed by bonjozis)
5. Heatran - $9 (claimed by sora_no_kokoro)

if these need their prices changed or if they need a shipping price, let me know ok?
Edit: prices for Shinx set and Drifloon set changed

oh, and another thing (this is mostly important): I can't ship the Zukans becuase Tropical Storm Fay (or Hurricane Fay, however we refer her as) was near in my area and it'll rain all week. Besides, if I try to take this stuff to the post office now, the mailing packages would get really wet and messy (becuase you know that cardboard isn't water-resistant). As soon as Fay settles down, I'll ship them then. So you guys still got time for the Heatran Zukan :)

Edit 2: All Zukan figures are claimed! For those who claimed these, pay me up first through Paypal (Paypal address is or personal checks. Make sure you send the money first, then show me your shipping address so I can ship these to you. Also, Tropical Storm Fay has dissipated recently (hooray!), so everything's settled down
Tags: azelf, drifblim, drifloon, heatran, luxio, luxray, magby, magmar, magmortar, mesprit, sales, shinx, uxie, zukan
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