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Funnel Cake's House of Wares has a spiffy update! But this update comes with a bonus photostory:

This morning at noon my mom called. I was still asleep. My brother answered the phone and kicked my door open before turning on my light, waking me up very abruptly.
He handed me the phone and my mom asked if I wanted her to drop by Uwajimaya. I said no because I had already gotten what I wanted from there. She then insisted that maybe I might want to pick up more Giratina kids since I had been lucky enough to get two last time. So I said sure whatever.

When she gets home there are four Giratina kids in the bag. I open the first one. CLEAR 8D. I open the second one. Normal. Third, clear as well. Fourth was normal. XD

I'm really sorely tempted to keep one or both of the clear kids just because I've really taken a liking to clear Giratina. XD But I've listed all four kids up for sale anyways.

Special Kid: I know that happy Amber noise... :[

Special Kid: You couldn't have been the cause. B|

Special Kid: D8 *feels slightly less special*


Funnel Cake: I'm in your room, slaying your sleeping puppies. BD

Lexi is a sound sleeper when she wants to be XD But she viciously attacked Funnel Cake and Malaria with her nose while they were in my bag when I was taking them to the Pierce County Fair. And I know she'd have a blast chewing them up if she got the chance, so I can't normally take photos like this for pictures of your Pokemon with your pets. XD

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