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[And another one...//]


Type your cut cont

Very happy with this one!! I've yet to close the seam at the side, but I couldn't wait that long XD

The satin stitching issues (my machine was making a meal out of the fabric at first) have been worked out, I know how to fix it.
So anyway, I kind of love it to bits ;~;
Really happy, only thing that I'm a bit put out about is the shadowing round the face, I'm not sure -how- to get it out, or even if I can. It's only slight but~
Also, it's not as squishy as I'd like it to be, maybe because of the quality of the fleece (I had to back it myself because it was so flimsy).
I'm amazed at how much I'm learning still, little shortcuts, new things I never knew. A bucket load of fun to make.

And he will be off to join the biggest Raichu family in the world. Hope you like him Gin~ <3
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