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Group buy(s)?

I'm all over doing group buy things lately!

I spotted a set of these for sale. The problem is, if I were to buy it just by myself it would pretty expensive... So shall we buy them together? This may be our last chance to snag these cuties (seriously)!


Claimed by pacificpikachu: Eevee

Mew is $12 + $3 US shipping/Paypal fees. The rest would be $8 + $3 US shipping/Paypal fees each or add $2 for international. Shipping would be combined if you bought more than one. I need at least four of the five claimed (one of these has to be Mew) before we can afford it, though it would be better if all of them were claimed so I don't have to cover for the cost of the last one.

If there's not enough or if Mime Jr isn't claimed (I suspect he won't be), I might lower the price on him. You can make offers if you'd like. ^^;

I may tweak with the numbers (as in lowering them) a bit as I see what the interest on these guys is like.

I also found a fairly cheap lot of five Eeveelution Pokédolls (considering how high they go for these days). Is anyone willing to pay $30 including everything (shipping/Paypal/etc.) per Eeveelution Pokédoll? The available ones would be: Eevee, Flareon, Jolteon, and Umbreon. I'm only keeping Vaporeon and would be paying the same as everyone else. All four would have to be claimed at that price for it to work out, so that's why I'm a little iffy on it... Let me know if you're interested in any of them, though!

No worries on either of these if they don't work out. I just want to see if I can make either of them work out. :) If we can, great! If we can't, I'll just shrug and move on.
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