yumenofufe (yumenofufe) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Software for cataloguing Pokémon Topps Cards


I studied some programming at school, so, as my first project I decided to do a software for cataloguing Pokémon Topps cards, of which I'm a great collector.

- Catalogue Topps Pokémon Cards.
- Discover information about series.
- Calculate statistics about your collection.
- Make text lists for card count, duplicates and missing cards.

Topps Pokémon CardDex

The program is in its beta stage, I was hoping other collectors could try it out, see if they liked it and help me find the bugs! :)

You can find other information about the project and the download to the beta at my website (which is a bit under construction, I've yet to learn to make good websites):

Pokémon Topps CardDex Webpage

If you find any bugs or any kind of wrong or missing information, please report it to me, preferably at yumenofufe@outlook.com.

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