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Typhlosion is here, and he's pissed

Yet more pokemon!  The pics are better quality this time, as I now have a digital camera!!!  The lighting in some of the pics isn't great, I promise to work on that. :)

WARNING: This may kill you if you are on dial-up.


Group photo of Luxray, Cloyster, Roserade, Gardevoir, Togekiss, Gastrodon, Salamence, Spiritomb, and Celebi

Better pic of Spiritomb

Group pic of Gible, Toxicroak, Shaymin, Skymin, Electivire, Mew, Ralts, Porygon-Z, Beldum, and Nosepass

Group pic of Drifloon, Carnivine, Phione, Celebi, Manaphy, Jirachi, sleeping Jirachi, and Sharpedo


And now . . . one I've been working hard on for several days, and I think a lot of people will like to see!


From the front

From the side!

The soft yet wicked underbelly!

The other side!  For the record, the golden parts are painted with a metallic gold paint.  It was all hand-built and hand-painted.

Group pic of some of my older pokemon.  On the left is shiny Nidoking, then Pinsir, Articuno, and Deoxys.

Another group pic of old ones.  Larvitar, Exeggutor (who I cannibalized a fake plant for), Swampert, Kingler, and Typhlosion.

One of my personal favorites, here is Haunter!

. . . And with his tongue hanging out.  Yes, I made him with removable tongue.  I did the same for Lickitung and Lickilicky (the latter of whom is still a work in progress).

From the side for a better look at his 3Dness.

If you thought I had showed the best, well . . . the piece d'resistance!


A pic with poor lighting, but you can see how big he is from my hand.  My hand is not abnormally-sized, just FYI.

He's all in-yo-face.  Because he's Gyarados.

One of the smallest pokemon I've made, Torkoal.  Resting peacefully on my hand.

And for the final pic I have the biggest and smallest to scale with each other.

Well, de-de-de-de-that's all, folks!  Next time, instead of just showing off more pokemon, I might make some photo-stories!
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