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A small, not rare get, and old Pokemon toys found!

Hi, robertisawesome here with a package that just came in today. Also, I found more Pokemon stuff in the basement. There were a Torchic and Plusle plush toys. Will I find Minun someday? I also found a Jigglypuff TOMY figure MIP in the basement, too! It was Auldey TOMY, and I never opened it! :) The package had something MIP, and the seller also sold some old-school brand-new Pokemon toys. I bought the new Auldey TOMY package from Ocean Graphics, Inc.'s eBay store. The Ocean Graphics, Inc. I mean by is the one in Sunrise, Florida. Despite, the package being shpped on Thursday, it arrived today. Nothing rare, but the cuts below shows it.
These two buddies! Growlithe and Arcanine! They were from Ocean Graphics Inc.'s (the one in Sunrise, Florida) eBay store. They sell lots of Pokemon items like single Pokemon Auldey TOMY figures, double Pokemon Auldey TOMY figures, Neckleashes, Zipper Puls, Beanie Picture Frames, Storage Card Tins, Pokeball Figures, Evolution, 3 pack figures, Playsets, and much more. Well, their eBay store only sells TOMYs.
Here is a difference photo between the old-paint color Arcanine, and new-paint color Arcanine. More are below.
Hope you enjoyed my post and have a great day, PKMNCollectors! :)
One thing. This is my one year anniversary of colection Pokemon TOMYs, and I'm a little bit more than 1/4 of a year until my year anniversary here on PKMNCollectors! :D
Tags: arcanine, growlithe, jigglypuff, plush, plusle, tomy, torchic
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