raichu_saana (raichu_saana) wrote in pkmncollectors,

New arrivals and a mystery card

Here're newest additions to my ever growing Raichu card collection. Thanks to you in the community, I've got only two Raichu TCG cards in English left to collect: the holo one from Skyridge (H25/H32) and the one from Base 2 (16/130). And some years ago I thought I'd never 'catch them all'. xD Of course, there's a new set coming with at least two Raichus but that's then...

A cute drawing and a shiny new Raichu card (1st edition!) from Gin. Thanks for trade!

Two drawings from a friend of mine whom I helped with her Full Metal Alchemist collection.

A playing card with Raichu (see, it's between Primeape and Rapidash... xD) and two stickers from grrrowly. Not that I collect Eeveelutions much, but I liked the art on those Amada stickers. And I think Glaceon and Umbreon would be a perfect pair. :)

A reverse holo from Skyridge and a holo from Expedition (which I've been looking for a long time) from kiraras_lemon. Thank you for the trade!

Then, there's this mystery card. I seem to be so demented that I have no idea who sent me this. Sorry about that. ^^* The thing is, I already have this one so I don't think I've traded it for something... I'd like to solve this puzzle.
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