Sara (_nofuturenohope) wrote in pkmncollectors,

collection update number eleventy

first, i cant believe i found these at target!!

now i have all three pixies!

Some kids from Kefanii, and a turtwig BK toy that i traded with someone. 

Team rocket postcards from Keffy

lol my mom was so fascinated by the pez dispenser. She was like 'omg its so small!! I didn't know they made small ones!' haha she isn't even fascinated with zukan or anything, just a little pez dispenser.  

I also got a minun battle figure but forgot to take pics!
Also i got some awesome things from other people too, but they are included in my collection pics.

I got my Pokemunchies exchange gift from shootthetanks aka Tarnia.

wuts this?

yummy rock candy thing and raspberry milk lolli

nom nom biscuits!!

Tea!! Now im officially british lol

Every womans favorite!!

the milk bottles are soooooooo good!!

I got these lovlies from pheonixxfoxx!!

Plusle minun zukan!! Lol plusle has a large mustache haha

GRAIL!!! Espeon/umbreon zukan!!!

She always draws the most awesome pics!!


Talkmin says  Food tiems NAO

'OMG strawberry cupcakes desu'

'you burnt them desu'

a link to the video of my shaking the crap out of talkmin

Top shelf with eeveelutions

And skymin!

Second shelf with Salamence, Chatot, Sneasel/weavile. The arbok is just a placeholder for a chatot pokedoll :)

Third shelf, with random Zukan, Plusle/Minun (mostly minun), and water pokes

Shellos zukan is so tiny!!

Randoms, and kid army, and my Fat Empy who wont fit

I <3 the rotom kid so much :)

I know i owe someone for the Empoleon Chou, and someone else for a azelf and mespirit kid, can you guys email me again or comment with my total and your paypal addy? I think i accidently deleted the email.
My email address is
Anyone else i forgot to pay, or have something on hold for me, please let me know!
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