[~ Kari XIII ~] (rentorar) wrote in pkmncollectors,
[~ Kari XIII ~]

Packages shipped, final plushie!

First off - I've been meaning to say, all packages have been mailed out! Most went out on Monday, and the remainders went out on Wednesday. All items paid for on Wednesday or later will be shipped out Monday!

I finally thought I had all the plushies of one certain 'mon. Then I checked out PPP. Only to see one more that had been added which I was unaware of. Checked eBay shortly after, and.....

IT'S CHARMELEON! Same company made this as well as the other clip 'meleon. His eyes are so cute. I finally have all 5 Charmeleon plushies with this :D Expect a Charmeleon collection update soon!

And tagging along for the ride were these guys. The Squirtle plush is IDENTICAL to the clip plush made of him, except a fraction smaller and obviously not a reversible. Images are actually 3 separate ones, in case Juumou would like to use them for PPP :3

Also, the sales post has been updated, a few reductions and a few Zukan have been added before they eventually head over to store_xiii.
Tags: charmeleon, meowth, plush, psyduck, squirtle
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