techno (robocoon) wrote in pkmncollectors,

uh oh D: robot has a problem

Guys, I'm at a quandry. I just got my giant Lottotina, and well... I love cuddling plushies, and taking them to bed with me. The problem is, though, that over time they start to get worn out from nightly snuggles and whatnot. This is okay with normal plush, because I know I can probably repair or replace them, if need be... but with special rare pokemon like lotto plush and just plain hard-to-find favorites, I don't know what to do.

I have an 18" Lugia Plush that I love to death, and took to bed with me pretty regularly for a few years, and he's recently starting to show his wear-- his plush isn't as soft as it used to be, it's starting to pill up just a little, and he's getting "floppy": his wings kinda fall down and he has a hard time standing on his own... so I freaked out and swore off hugging him, and put him on display in a lonely corner of my room instead, because I'm afraid that I just won't get another one. We all know how much big lugia plush go for. x_x

But anyway, Now that big snuggly perfectly-shaped-for-hugs lotto Giratina has showed up, and given how much I love him as a pokemon, I don't know what to do. ;-; I want to snuggle him while sleeping, but I'm afraid of him getting damaged or worn out... and I -really- can't afford to try and land another one!! This one alone drained my spending money for the next few months! (But was SO worth it.. thank you Kefanii (and Irene)!)

So.... what do you guys do? Display or play with them? Something else? I dunno what to do ;-;

ps: yes I'm 20 and sleep with stuffed pokemon, shut up ;-;
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