g_manluver (g_manluver) wrote in pkmncollectors,

great Pokeluck today

I have a neat story and an interesting item for sale (auction?).

Ok, so today I'm in Zellers (store) just browsing the alleys rather aimlessly. In school supplies I spot this book.

I'm like: "oh cool a Pokemon book".
So I check it out, its undamage, still in its package and everything. I check its back and, to my surprise, its lists several similar books with only gen2 Pokemon. So I look for the (c) date and the book is from 2000. That's right, its in perfect condition but is 8 years old.

So I figure I should buy it just in case someone here wants it. The back says its $5.99 canadian but prices have change a lot in 8 years so I head to those booths with price checkers. Guess how much it cost?

So now I'm the proud owner of this adorable little kids book and it and it didn't cost me a dime xD (pun!).

So I wonder, should I sell this on ebay? to someone here (if they want it)? and how much you think I can get for it?

Remember its still in an undamage package and the book doesn't even have a bend in it (which is amazing for being 8 years old).
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