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Updated Sales Post and Auctions!

Hi, I recently acquired some new stuff while collecting Lucario/Riolu~ Most of which are figures, including a RARE mightyena tomy figure. All of the items are available for shipping except for the figures that were previously in the sales post because I left them at school, and I won't be back until the first/second week of January.

I received sales permission from entirelycliched on June 08, 2013.

2013-12-13 09.39.00

  • Pichu Music Box - Bobblehead Pichu Figure with a music box that moves around in a circle - Starts at $30

  • Video of Music Playing: http://youtu.be/jRy5uCi8YGQ

2013-12-14 13.45.02
Megablocks: Mew, Mr. Mime Jr., Weavile, and Munchlax - Starts at $5 each, while Mew at $10
(Bonsly not up for auction)

Side 1:
2013-12-13 09.44.24-1

Side 2:
2013-12-13 09.45.17-1

Side 3:
2013-12-13 09.46.19

Side 4:
2013-12-13 09.47.18

Side 5:
2013-12-13 09.49.20

2013-12-13 09.50.07-1

2013-12-13 09.50.10-1

Side 6:
2013-12-13 09.51.33-1
Dice 1: Smoochum, Torchic, Combustken, Jinx, Blaziken (3D, 3 poses), Lugia (3D?)
Dice 2: Phanpy, Cyndaquil, Quilava, Donphan, Typhosion (3D, 3 poses), Latias (3D?)
Dice 3: Spinda, Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, Kangaskhan, Venasaur (3D, 3 poses), Entei (3D?)
Dice 4: Corphish, Squirtle, Warturtle, Crawdaunt, Blastoise (3D, 3 poses), Groudon (3D?)
Dice 5: Kyurem, Zangoose, Tranquil, Pansage, Palkia, Whirlipede
Dice 6: Lugia, Leopard, Zekrom, Fungus, Dewott, Audino
Dice 7: Dialga, Chatot, Budew, Mamoswine, Piplup, Raquaza
Dice 8: Raquaza, Scolipede, Kyogre, Scraggy, Snivy, Meowth
Dice 9: Bonsly, Porygon Z, Nosepass, Happiny, Finneon, Infernape
Dice 10: Kricketune, Shellos, Electivire, Shinx, Driftblim, Empoleon
Dice 11: Shaymin, Wobuffet, Meowth, Sheldon, Regigigas, Dialga
Dice 12: Deoxys, Beartic, Groudon, Mareep, Zebstrika, Leavanny
Dice 13: Pichu, Buizel, Yanmega, Staravia, Wynaut, Arceus

Dice 1 - 4, starts at $10 and the rest starts at $5.

Screen Shot 2013-06-08 at 1.21.46 AM
Tags: arceus, audino, beartic, blaziken, bonsly, budew, buizel, bulbasaur, chatot, cyndaquil, deoxys, dewott, dialga, donphan, electivire, empoleon, entei, finneon, groudon, happiny, infernape, ivysaur, kangaskhan, kricketune, kyogre, kyurem, latias, leavanny, lugia, mamoswine, mareep, meowth, mew, mime jr., nosepass, palkia, pansage, phanpy, pichu, pikachu, piplup, quilava, regigigas, sales, scolipede, scraggy, shaymin, shellos, shinx, smoochum, snivy, spinda, staravia, torchic, weavile, whirlipede, wynaut, yanmega, zangoose, zebstrika, zekrom
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