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Ghost type collection update!

Hello everyone! :)

I’ve decided to finally make a collection update of my ghost type collection, it’s been half a year since the last one.

Behind the cut you can see my new gets and also some group photos of my collections. Let’s go!


I’m so glad the 151 badges got re-released! I got my favourites. Squirtle is my fave starter and the art is so damn adorable! And the whole original ghost family! Haunter looks epic and I love Gastly’s art so much! :D

Back in June I won an auction for jensoxen’s pokedoll sculpture slot and I asked for a shiny Duskull (surprise! XD) It’s so beautiful and looks just like the pokedoll!! And he even included a little pumpkin and candle!

Little bones on the back. :)

This is a shiny Duskull ACEO card made by faiarrow. It’s a happy Duskull! It’s very cute and the details are made with a gel pen so they are glittery! :D

I bought a MIP PokeTime Misdreavus from without_reason. I didn’t think it would be so easy to find because it’s from 2009. I love the style so much, look at the adorable eyes! :D I’m still searching for a Misdreavus bookmark (or even a picture of one). I can buy or trade. I have the 2009 Vulpix pattern and 2012 full body Psyduck.

Cute Pokemon Time art.

I was lacking Gastly plushies in my collection so I made this one! Now I have a plush of every ghost I collect! Yay!:3

These are sprite magnets made by Uworlds on DA. They are made from yarn and are very cute! Haunter’s colours are slightly changed to look like the gen 2 sprite. I was thinking I need at least something sprite related in my collection.

I finally started using YJ and got my first package! I got some kids, I should have a kid of each ghost I collect now. The attack Misdreavus and Gengar even came with the little cards, they are really cool! And clear Gastly is so great, he has little purple spots in the transparent fog! Also, some Duskull pan stickers!

And he main reason I started using YJ…clearfiles! I got two of the three 2009 Halloween clearfiles (still searching for the black/purple silhouette one!). I like the one on the left the most. It’s such a great illustration! And there’s a Duskull and a cute Misdreavus and Gastly! The one on the right has a great orange/purple colour scheme and ghosts with shiny eyes! :D

Pika pumpkins on the back!

These are this year’s Halloween clearfiles. A spooky pattern and a ghost party! It has a big Duskull on the front!

The back of the ghost party clearfile. I also got the sticker sheet. Everyone is visible here (Duskull with both wings and such)! XD And it’s really very glittery!

Some cool ghost pan stickers from mintmittins! I have all Duskull pan stickers that were made right now! :D

And some adorable Christmas cards from ktmonkeyj and hebilea!

Gengar and Duskull doodles inside! I love them! <3

Here are new group photos of my collections (with a Halloween background and without flats because there’s too many)!





And a big starter family! :)

I also updated my collection site with pictures of everything. Take a look if you want:

That's all from me. Thank you so much for reading and have lovely holidays! <3
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