Chris (prguitarman) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Alright, I'm starting to run into a dilemna that many of you here have faced in the past. The only area (at the moment) that I can place my Pokemon figures and plush is almost out of room! I've had to start stacking things on top of each other, as you can see, and it's getting rather cramped @_@

Fortunately, I'm going to be moving in a few months, where I'll have a bigger room and hopefully a brand new shelf to store everything on.

Anyway, here's an updated collections post! Please don't mind the grainy photos. I don't have much light to work with at the moment.

I was cleaning out my room today and found my racist Pokemon game cart :x

I'm sure some of you remember [This guy]

One of my newest additions, but then again, doesn't EVERYBODY in this community have one of these already? XD

Shiny Groudon is super sweet. I'd love to get more shiny kids and eventually replace most of my regular one with the shiny kind

I also just recently received one of the 2008 promo card binder sets on Ebay.

I forgot who I ordered this card from, but I got it :x

And finally, I have updated prtcg with this page of new Pokemon cards. It's still not fully up to date with all of the new cards I've gotten, but it's good enough.

annnd that's pretty much it!

Finally, I'd like to remind everybody that I'm looking for the following [ grail cards]. I'm also looking for a decently price Shadow Lugia plush, but I doubt that'll happen anytime soon. You know, I'm still kicking myself because I once saw both the regular Lugia and Shadow Lugia at an arcade for $15 each, and I was all like "PFFT THAT'S TOO MUCH FOR A POKEMON DOLL"

This was back before I got into collecting plush...and before realizing that ANY good plush will cost at least $15 lol.


I am so freaking excited right now. That card is easily worth two or three times the amount I paid for it.
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