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Taking Lottery Pikachu Toaster Offers! and Grovyle plush, dancing Oshawott plush, BK Golbat + Sales!

Hi everyone- hope the holidays are going well for everyone. I am taking offers for a brand new lottery prize Pikachu Toaster! I only opened it to check that everything was complete inside. I don't really eat toast so it's not a big deal for me. It toasts an image of Pikachu onto your bread.

HTC Radar 4G_006848

Offers will start at $75.

Also, here are three plush that I don't know how to price, a good condition Grovyle with tush tag, a new-in-packaging Dancing Oshawott plush, and a BK Golbat, so I'll just put them up for offers as well while I'm at it.


Grovyle starts at $20, Oshawott starts at $20, BK Golbat starts at $7.

I also updated my Sales with some plush, clearfiles, figures, and other things I need to clear out of my room. I had to downsize my side collections of non-Kanto starters because my Kanto starters are too numerous! If you think something is overpriced you can feel free to make another offer- I'm quite chill :)

Preview of some stuff:
Percy's HTC Radar_001338

Pokemon Sales

Also see my non-Pokemon sales for some other posters and some Digimon stuff!

Non-Pokemon Sales~!

Collection update stuff will come soon!
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