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Last chance clearance sales!

This lot is going up on Ebay if no one here wants it because I really need space in my room at the moment (I have several big plush on their way!) and I have a few SMJ invoices that need to be taken care of. Alternately, I'll take offers on individual items, so just let me know if you spot something and make an offer! :)


This lot is $45 (OR MAKE OFFER--all reasonable offers will be considered!) including shipping and Paypal fees within the US for everything, and all of it is in great shape except the large TOMY Pikachu figure. It'll be at least $12-15 to ship, so this is quite a bargain. You are welcome to sell these as well! I won't be offended at all if you buy these for your store or whatever. The lot contains:

- Weird bootleg Pikachu plush! (Scary and amusing at the same time!)
- Large TOMY Pikachu figure (Not in the best shape)
- Mantyke Pokédoll
- Manaphy Jakks Plush
- Talking Pikachu plush (No longer talks, but in good condition)
- Large TOMY Jigglypuff figure
- Jakks Jigglypuff plush
- Jakks Torchic plush
- Pokémon the Movie 3 VHS Tape
- Small Grovyle Figure
- Small Glameow Gachapon Figure
- Small Shieldon Gachapon Figure
- Small Pachirisu Gachapon Figure
- Small Chimchar Gachapon Figure
- Sinnoh Starters DS Stylus Holder
- Talking Large Pikachu Figure
- Talking Large Meowth Figure
- Squirtle Plush Keychain
- Togepi Talking Figure (Needs batteries)
- Blastoise Cardboard Standup
- Ivysaur Hasbro Plush
- Bulbasaur Hasbro Plush
- Poliwhirl Hasbro Plush
- Butterfree Burger King Plush
- Poseable Lucario Figure (About 5" tall--really nice figure worth at least $10-12 if not more.)
- I can also throw in lots of the Burger King card sheets for free if you want them. :) (See here: http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v389/pacificpikachu/?action=view¤t=Misc011-1.jpg)

Make offers if an individual item interests you, though I prefer to sell all of this stuff at once. If some of the stuff in the lot gets claimed by offers, I will reduce the lot price. Make offers on the lot as well.


Char- Shoes! These are in a small children's size so none of you can wear those, but they're in just about perfect shape and great for a Char collector. They were released at least nine years ago and I've never seen another pair since. (scarsofsunlight, might you be interested?) I'll take $15 shipped or best offer. They might be a bit pricey to ship because of their weight, hence why I'm just combining shipping with the price. :)

I'm really eager to get rid of this stuff, so please help me out and let me know if anything interests you!

Please note my college semester starts tomorrow, so give me up to a week to ship and up to a day to respond. I'm much more punctual than that generally, but with college starting up again I'm not sure how much time I'll have, especially because my college is an hour away from my house and our rural post office closes early.

All orders must be paid for with Paypal, I hold for three days if I've done business with you already and been satisfied and one day otherwise. I do ship internationally, though it's usually a few dollars more. Let me know if you have any questions or need detail pictures or whatever!
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