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Holy Grail Get!

My dear, it's been a looong time since I've updated!
Hope everyone's been having happy holidays and great collecting :)
Speaking of which, I have finally found my HOLY GRAIL!!!
As some of you may know, I'm one of the few playset collectors out there and since becoming a member, I've been looking for the camp pikachu chibihouse. Seems reasonable, right? WRONG! Not only did no one have it, but no one had even _seen_ it! Out of any playset I've ever hunted, this was the most mysterious one. To be honest, it got to the point where I wanted it half just to figure out what the darn thing was xD And now here it is!

train photostory! 001
AHHHHH!!!! TRAIN!!! It's so colorful, my pictures definitely don't do this thing justice! It captures the little short (from the 5th movie I believe, Heroes [super sad one btw]) absolutely perfectly!

train photostory! 007
Main part of the set here is of course the little train! Pikachu fits very nicely in it.
train photostory! 013
One way down the hill for pikachu lands him right at the train station to stop and pick up his friends (according to the box, this set should have another cart for this train but as I've searched for years, missing that one piece isn't that heartbreaking!)
train photostory! 045
Pikachu's other option for adventure is down the hill and connecting to the GASHAPON SET! I saw the little blue train track piece in the box and picked it up like "I wonder..." I was so excited these two connected!
train photostory! 046
Going through the tunnel on an adventure~
train photostory! 047
Some of the gashapon part~
train photostory! 049
The train goes all the way to the second movie's short!
train stop home
Of course there's a stop to drop the pichu bros off home :)
train photostory! 016
Other interesting points to the set are the little mechanisms. The mechanics of this set from left to right, we've got the little button by sudowoodo that you tap down to make the train go down the hill, the little waterfall wynaut's on moves up or downstream depending which way the waterwheel goes, and the waterwheel also controls the gear volbeat is on, making it move clockwise or counter.
pikachu visiting
Pikachu decided to visit Volbeat!
train photostory! 021
And he brought grapes! Pikachu is the best houseguest ever. The house has pictures of wobbuffet and totodile if you look closely.
train photostory! 022
He's decided to go on a grape-sharing adventure!
train photostory! 023
He traveled all the way to the storage spot in the back, but no one was there :(
pikachu goes home
So he's going off to the other playsets to start a picnic! :D
pichus at fire!
Here are the little pichu bros hanging out by the fire with their friends cyndaquil, phanpy, and corsola. They didn't want any grapes today.
train photostory! 024
The sign on the top in Japanese I can't read :) I'll guess it says something like "Camp Pikachu"
train photostory! 025
It has a reverse side for night time!
train photostory! 031
Some hidden pokemon! Meowth at the waterwheel.
train photostory! 032
Psyduck plays in the waterfall.
train photostory! 033
Togepi thought it looked fun and is joining it! Also, behind the volbeat house has a few butterfree, but they were camera shy :(
train photostory! 026
That's where Pikachu got the grapes!
Happy collecting all! :D
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