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Hey y'all. I just wanted to announce that my auctions have finally ended~.

Musical Vaporeon Keychain HB: iridescentfox @ $15

[Battle Museum] Umbreon HB: _nofuturenohope @ $14
[Battle Museum] Flareon HB: kiraras_lemon @ $5
[Full Color Stadium] Jumping Flareon HB: kiraras_lemon @ $6
[Full Color Stadium] Vapreon HB: kefanii @ $11
[Full Color Stadium] Clear Jolteon HB: happyjolteon @ $25
[Full Color Stadium] Jumping Jolteon: happyjolteon @ $10

[Full Color Stadium] Clear Dragonite HB: N/A
[Full Color Stadium] Dragonite (using Dragonbreath) HB: chibisilverwing @ $5
[Full Color Stadium] Clear Dragonair HB: caterpie @ $3
[Battle Museum] Ditto-sparce (opened) HB: warandromance @ $3
[Battle Museum] Diito-sparce (NIP) HB: meowthcollector @ $5
[Full Color Stadium] Clefairy!Ditto HB: warandromance @ $8.50

I guess Clear Dragonite is staying with me. xD

But my PayPal is

Please include your username and what you're paying for~. x3

Winners, please reply with your location so I can give you your totals!

And if you previously ordered something from me, your stuff should be in the mail soon! There wasn't anything I could do with Tropical Storm Fay around, I'm sorry. D:
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