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New Year Gets!!

Hello everyone, and happy new year! :D

I wanted to share my new gets that I got since my last update! I'm starting to get into the canvas line.

... Aaand my set is complete :D

As you can see compared to my last update, I didn't get much ^^; I promise my next update will be full of awesome pokedolls and stuff ^^

Now I'll start the best for first!

The complete set! ^^ Ever since these guys came out, I was stuck with a lame part time job that didn't give me much hours so I could never afford em. I eventually quit that part time job in favor of an awesome stable stress free full time job that pays me well! Now I was able to afford these guys <333 Just I never thought that I'd own the set! They're siting by my desk right now <33 They're just so wonderful!!

chain put a shiny raikou up for auction, and I was about to let it go on the day the auction ended. Well, call it fate I guess, cause my mom woke up that night to get a drink of water, which woke me up on the process. I couldn't get back to sleep, so I checked to see if the auction ended, and there was still lots of time left. I put in my bid, then I won him <33 just a couple of payment plans and he was all mine!!! MINE!!!<333 He was the last one I needed to complete the set, and he was the most expensive pokedoll I've ever paid for to date XP

So big thanks to kephisos, colocho_robotto, and chain for helping me obtain these guys!!

Shiny my babies, shine <333

Obligatory Normal/Shiny comparison shots!


Normal shot just because.

The two sets together ^^

Now we move on to the work related portion of my update!

Articuno Tomy. A co-worker gave this to me since it was gonna be chucked in the trash. He thought it was a Moltres, until I corrected him. lol

Someone chucked these at work, so my friend and I saved em! I kept the ones on the bottom row (squirtle, turtwig, and grotle) and the kept the ones on the top row. Just Toy Factory and jakks plush.

Ahh, I love my job, people chuck the coolest things. Another persons trash is another persons treasure I suppose XD;

Now for canvas update!

I won this kanto starter lot from SMJ. All MWT. They even threw in a free shaymin/pokemon radio bag as a gift ^^

Pose figure Xerneas was from dezi_kitsune He has a hard time trying to stand up at times.

I also got the Xerneas tomy with pikachu from Toys R Us. I'm starting to like Xerneas, despite getting the Y version at first. The Xerneas Tomy had its leg loose in the packaging, so I bought the box to pop it back in.

You can see the difference between the pose figure and the TOMY. No denying that they're both so colorful.

My other gets from SMJ. Pichu canvas, Azelf canvas to complete the lake trio, and my 4th Beheeyem MPC. I was worried that Pichu would be a Banpresto plush ^^; I was looking for the canvas.


My lake trio is happy together :3 Long last!

I'm also starting to have a little canvas space problem:

I have two squirtle canvases. One of them is a bootleg.

~ Hello Vaporeon.

And my canvas group shot! I love em <3


My friend Sarah gave me the takara Tomy Dedenne, as her mom gave me the trubbish and Garbodor MPCs. I now have two trubbish and Garbodor MPCS <3

Ignore the Frozen CD. Pretend it's about Ice type pokemon.

And the BEST Christmas Gift for last. A custom embroder bag of my favorite Pokemon OCs Reggie the Beheeyem and Mimi the Audino!!

I use this bag all of the time now!! It had a ton of space for my sketchbooks, and my 2DS and 3DS, and also room for any pokeplush i wanna carry with me when we meet!

And that was my collection update! Thanks for reading everybody!!

My next update will include my Gen 6 Pokedolls, a canvas plush, an AWESOME Pokeplush lot with a Poliwhirl Pokedoll ( (at least I think it's the pokedoll. It doesn't look like any other plush then the pokedoll), some Dedenne gets, and many others!!

Tags: articuno, audino, azelf, beheeyem, bulbasaur, canvas, charmander, dedenne, entei, garbodor, grotle, pichu, plush, pokedoll, pokedolls, raikou, squirtle, suicune, trubbish, turtwig, xerneas
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